Macchi secures blown film segment with POD technology

Italian blown film machinery maker, Macchi, announced that demand for its five-layer co-extrusion plants for the production of non-barrier polyolefin films continues to grow since it was officially launched at the K2013 held in Germany.

According to Mauro Andreoli, Sales and Marketing Director of Macchi, the multi-layer POD technology concept has enabled companies in the blown film segment to grow their businesses.

He said: These are high-end, high-performance systems with a challenging technological and production capacity, in the range of 800-1200 kgh , used for flexible packaging applications.

The idea of ??the POD was developed in 2001, perhaps too early for the needs of the market then seemingly satisfied with a 3-layer system and reluctant to purchase, for packaging business, a system with over 2400mm of web layflat.

Slowly, the concept has been metabolised, and what had started as a viable alternative to achieve a cheaper product differentiation by playing with the structure layering, has become a breeding ground for achieving the highest performing materials in terms of mechanical performance, with effective use of all the resources and a global economy balance.

POD systems perfectly fits in place of 3-layer machines that have completed their work life-cycle, or that have forcefully used to prolong their useful lives in times of crisis, meanwhile becoming old.

Taking into account the capital investment difference between a 3-layer and a 5-layer the latter is amply justified and grants a fast ROI.

Further summing up, he said that even if the POD concept stems on the large volumes required by collation film users, it can also bring significant benefits to the flexible packaging and converting sector as well. They are also looking for thinner, stronger, clearer and cost effective film.

As for Macchi, it forecasts a steady growth. Citing the firm’s latest press release, its business volume in 2013 stood at about EUR41 million, “a gratifying result for a company with only 110 employees, even more significant for having been obtained in a time of continued recession, in which the domestic Italian market is dysfunctional”, it said.

Currently, Macchi says that it has already recorded orders for a logbook that spans well into the mid-spring of 2015, and thus projects a strong 2014 business result ranging from EUR45 to 50 million.


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