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Plastic bag ban in the Philippines: debating for real solutions

The banning of plastic bags and other plastic single-use products has reached fever pitch across the globe, in view of the collective response to environment protection. The antithesis is the shrinking demand and dwindling market, leading to loss of jobs. One country that has recently jumped on the ban-the-bag wagon is the Philippines, where it has become a political issue rather an environmental solution, and poses risks to the economy. image

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PRA September-October 2012

In a climate of economic uncertainty, Southeast Asia is expected to weather the crisis and emerge as a model for growth-driven economies
  • Country Focus:
         Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia
  • Processor
  • Automotive

  • Malaysian rubber industry in a competitive mode
    THE global rubber demand is surging and along with it Malaysia is revving up its technology advantage as one of the leading global rubber producers. image

  • Alliance to produce TPCs for automotives
    TenCate Advanced Composites and German firm BASF have entered into a strategic alliance to cooperate on the development of thermoplastic composite materials suitable for high-volume vehicle production. image

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