Rajoo enters into jv with Meaf to offer high-tech thermoformers

Indian extrusion and thermoforming machinery maker Rajoo Engineers has tied up with yet another European supplier to offer what it says are “state-of-the-art technology, processing know-how and critical components.”

Since 2010, when Rajoo merged with Indian thermoforming machine maker Wonderpack, Rajoo-Wonderpack has been offering sheet extrusion and thermoforming machinery in India. But now, the Rajkot-headquartered Rajoo says that the “constant industry interaction along with a comprehension of the changing needs” resulted in its efforts to look for a consolidated and contemporary solution to position itself as a-one-stop-solution provider as regards sheet extrusion with inline/offline thermoforming.

Thus, it has entered into a joint venture with Meaf Machines of Netherlands, which has been in the business of sheet extrusion equipment and thermoforming machinery since 1947.

Formed with equity participation from both companies, Rajoo Meaf Engineers will be based in Rajkot and will cater to a diverse spectrum of markets such as India and other ASEAN countries, East, West and North Africa.

“The concept of barrier packaging materials for semi-flexible containers, especially disposable containers, is yet to gain momentum in India. However, the strong global demand for semi-flexible packaging and an extremely promising future motivated us to partner with a forward looking company as Rajoo Engineers to build robust and quality solutions in India; this would significantly enhance the value proposition of every buyer in Indian and beyond,” according to Ardjan Houtekamer, Technical Director, Meaf Machines.

The demand for semi-flexible packaging, especially disposable containers will rise exponentially and it is the way forward for the packaging industry, says Rajoo. Emergent organised retail, changing institutional demands, growing clamour for hygiene and spiralling costs of energy and labour have made it today a compelling necessity for every packaging company to inculcate energy efficient automation; high output sheet extrusion, inline/offline thermoforming are evident solutions.

Sheet extrusion lines continue to be plagued by energy efficiency issues, much so since energy costs are typically the second largest cost component in the total cost of produce. The high output Rajoo-Meaf solutions in sheet extrusion will annul all such concerns, says the firm.

“Doubling the extrusion capacity with minimal rise in energy consumption will allow a user the commercial bandwidth. As an example, high outputs, ranging from 500-1,500 kg/hour can now be achieved using relatively smaller screw diameters, saving significant amount of power,” according to Rajoo. Economical and reliable stacking solutions, which do not require labour, are also a requirement of the industry.

Rajoo-Meaf thermoforming solutions will also include the tilting-mould technology. The typical outputs of thermoforming machines for producing cups range from 7,000 to 70,000 cups/hour.

“A new technology always excites us. After a track record of three successful partnerships with technology leaders, this joint venture with Meaf will allow us, once again, to bring world class cutting edge technology to the shores of India. The long standing industry demand of energy efficient sheet extrusion and thermoforming with stacking that too at affordable prices is now a reality,” says Khushboo Doshi, Director, Rajoo Engineers.

Rajoo also has tie ups with German blown film machine maker Hosokawa Alpine and with Italian pipe machine maker Bausano.


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