Teijin's phosphorous FR targeted at styrene resins

Japanese firm Teijin, which expects its revenue from its flame retardant business to reach 4 billion yen by 2018, has developed new phosphorus flame retardant, Fireguard FCX-210, useable for a wide range of resins. With its now enhanced line-up of brominated flame retardants, the company plans to develop applications with particular focus on the electronics and automotive markets.

The halogen-free flame retardant is developed using Teijin's proprietary molecular design technology, which lends high flame retardancy to a broad range of plastics widely used in office equipment, electronic appliances, game consoles, and automobiles. These include styrene resins such as ABS and PS and PA resins such as nylon, with which conventional phosphorus flame retardants are less effective.

Adding conventional phosphorus flame retardants to resins generally reduces their effectiveness. But the firm says its Fireguard FCX-210 loses none of its flame resistance and can be added without changing the original characteristics of the resin. Additionally, only a relatively small amount is necessary. With high impact polystyrene, for example, the necessary amount of flame retardant is reduced by approximately 40%.

Along with rapid performance improvements in office equipment, electronic appliances, and automobiles, consumers have come to expect safer and more environmentally friendly products as well. Flame retardants -- additives that make flammable materials, such as plastics, difficult to burn -- are widely used to achieve this.

Phosphorus flame retardants are a key type of retardant and highly effective especially when added to PC and polyester resins. Fireguard answers to strong customer demand for the development of flame retardant that can also be applied to other types of resin, and does not reduce the heat resistance of materials on which it is used.


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