Evonik adds another special silicas line at Rheinfelden site

German specialty chemicals Evonik Industries officially opened a new production line to manufacture surface-treated fumed silica under the AEROSIL brand name, this October. The new line will be located at Evonik’s Rheinfelden, Germany site, which will boost their global production capacity for these products by 25%.

AEROSIL specialty silica grades enhance the properties of high-performance adhesives, sealants and industrial resins, as well as varnishes and paints. The key driver behind the soaring demand for these products is the development of resource efficient products and technologies. Market trends, including the development of renewable energy sources, and the automotive industry’s trend away from mechanical fasteners in favour of higher performance bonding will be supported by this expansion. Other significant applications using the specialty silica grades include defoamer, plastic and toner products.

According to the Essen-based company’s press release, the Evonik fumed special silica grades optimise rheology, viscosity and thixotropy of liquid and gel-like formulations as well as suspension properties of pigments and fillers they contain. They also boost the flow rate of powdery products and prevent caking during production and storage.


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