Chomarat opens composites plant in North America

Chomarat, a global textiles specialist recently inaugurated its new 58,500sqft factory in South Carolina, US, which will specialise in developing the company’s advanced composite business and is equipped with a LIBA MAX5 100-inch (variable width) machine designed to produce carbon, spread-tow, multi axial reinforcements and carbon looms.

This new production capacity will enable the France-headquartered manufacturer to offer innovative solutions in advanced composite textiles throughout the US in the industrial, automotive and aerospace markets.

Amongst Chomarat’s new offerings include the C-PLY for the aerospace and automotive industries applications. According to Michel Cognet, Chomarat’s General Manager, Chomarat has a unique ability to use 50k large tow carbon fibre to make 100 g/sq m fabrics with virtually no defects. This overall quality capability makes Chomarat’s advanced composite textiles ideal for the most demanding applications, including visual quality surfaces.


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