Battenfeld-cincinnati launches new extruder; uses less energy

German-Austrian producer of extruders battenfeld-cincinnati is extending its machine portfolio by adding an adiabatic extruder, which uses about 10 % less specific energy.

More than 250 high-speed extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati been installed in the world. Regardless of whether thermoforming sheet, industrial sheet or edge bandings are to be made, the high-speed machines allow for a high output combined with low energy consumption and modest space requirements. For ten years now, the German-Austrian extruder specialist has achieved market success with a complete series of high-speed extruders

The high-speed 34D-long single screw extruders with a screw diameter of 75 mm reach outputs of up to 1.8 tonnes/hour and operate with screw speeds of up to 1,500 rpm. This is how the high outputs can be achieved with a small machine size, and with optimal melt attributes too, says the company. The extruders are used for PP, PS, APET, CPET, PLA and PE processing as well as in PC sheet lines.

Based on extensive field experience and latest findings from laboratory tests, battenfeld-cincinnati has now developed an adiabatic high-speed extruder with virtually optimal energy efficiency. This new process technology has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by yet another 10% compared to the previous high-speed models, which already use 25% less energy than conventional extruders with the same output rates.

After this high-speed model was presented at the K 2013 for the first time, the pilot machine has now been in operation in production for several months. This machine is laid out for a medium output range of 800 kg/hour (900 kg/hour for PP and PS). In addition to its low energy consumption, the processing machine stands out by an extremely low noise level in operation and a 10% higher specific feed rate. Apart from the advantages already mentioned, the machine's heat emission to its environment has also been reduced considerably by the new process technology concept. This significantly improves production conditions in hot climates.


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