Continental’s VP is new ETRMA chief

The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) has recently elected its new president, Christian Kötz, who is also Vice President of Continental. Kotz is succeeding outgoing president, PatrickLepercq of Michelin. Meanwhile, Thierry du Granrut, from the Syndicat National du Caoutchoucet des Polymères, was elected Vice President of ETRMA. Both will assume posts effective 1January 2015.

According to FaziletCinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA, the new chairmanship of ETRMA comes at the time of the new EU legislature!” said ETRMA’s Secretary General, Ms Cinaralp, welcoming the new President and Vice-President.

Kötzstarted his mandate by relaying the message of the Board to the new European Commission (EC), that isthrough the enforcement of the very ambitious laws previously adopted, can the industry enjoy a level playing field and maintain its competitiveness”.

The Board also emphasised the need for a trade policy that is balanced; providing real opportunities for export, which is needed to foster growth of the industry on the global level.

Finally, the Board stressed the contribution that the tyre and rubber industry has been making to the sustainability of European mobility and economy. From soles to satellites, passing through tyres and other rubber products for the automotive and rail sectors, our industry has been developing high technology products to combine safety and environmental requirements as well as the high performances requested. The tyre and the rubber industry strongly contributes to the European economy – it covers 0.5% of the EU GDP, and provides jobs for about 360.000 people across Europe, making Europe still a stronghold of the manufacturing industry.

ETRMA says that it is working with EC and the Parliament towards achieving a more competitive, more sustainable industry and policy making.


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