Wacker introduces silicone additive for food packaging

Munich-based chemical firm Wacker showed off its high-performance additive for the compounding and processing of thermoplastics at the recently concluded K2013 trade fair in Germany.

Genioplast Pellet P plus is a highly concentrated silicone additive in pellet form that is approved for use in food contact applications. Wacker explains that this additive enhances the viscosity and flow properties of the polymer compound, allowing the compound to be processed more efficiently and at lower cost. It also ensures smooth, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces without downgrading the product’s tensile strength, hardness or dimensional stability under heat. Printing and welding of the compound is also allowed. In mineral-filled thermoplastics, adding Genioplast also boosts impact strength and elongation at break. Additionally, the product can act in synergy with flame-retardant fillers, adds Wacker.

Genioplast’s active ingredient is a non-cross-linked ultra-high-molecular linear silicone polymer, while the carrier material for the active is a pyrogenic silica tailored for the silicone. Since pyrogenic silica is compatible with all thermoplastics, the additive can be used to compound every type of thermoplastic – unlike conventional silicone masterbatches, says Wacker.


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