EOS unveils latest 3D printing plastic materials

Germany-headquartered EOS, technology and market leader for e-manufacturing solutions in the additive manufacturing sector, is introducing two new plastic materials for industrial 3D printing.

PrimePart ST (PEBA 2301), a soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomer that is available immediately for EOSINT P 395 systems. EOS says that In the coming months, availability will be extended to the EOS FORMIGA P 110 and EOSINT P 760 systems. The other offering, PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) is a flame-retardant Polyamide 12 and is available for both the current EOSINT P 395 and P 760 systems, as well as for the EOSINT P 390 and P 730.

PrimePart ST possesses an elongation at break of 200%, together with a good elastic restorative capacity and rebound elasticity PrimePart ST was developed to support the production of flexible, rubber-like parts, says EOS. The optimised design ensures that parts will return to their original shape, even after significant deformations. Post-production infiltration is not necessary for achieving excellent mechanical properties and surface qualities. In the temperature range of -40 to 90°C the material demonstrates very good fatigue performance. If desired, it supports many post-production options for treating the manufactured part, including roto-finishing, flame-treatment, flocking, paint finishing, and smoothing. This facilitates the realisation of specialised surface-finishes that meet the specific and varied requirements of customers.

Applications for this material include sports equipment; in the consumer-goods sector, particularly in housings where there exists the risk of breakage through falling, being-dropped, and other instances of impact.; in the automotive industry, such as in grips, corner/edge, paintwork protectors, and soft door-lock components; in medical devices; as well as in other industrial products.

Meanwhile, PrimePart FR , a flame-retardant Polyamide 12, is especially suitable for application in the aerospace sector. The material can be used for processing on the EOSINT P 3xx-series and P 7xx-series systems. This replenishable material – the recommendation is to use at least 60% new powder - meets the relevant flame-proof requirements at wall thicknesses of just 1.0 mm[1]. It also demonstrates improved mechanical properties: a tensile strength of 49 MPa with an elongation at break of 15%, which means that it exceeds the extremely successful PA 2210 FR, which, until now, was the only flame-retardant PA 12 material in the EOS portfolio. Typical applications in the field of airplane interiors would include ventilation ducts and outlet vents.


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