BASF begins new test line for packaging films

Germany-based materials company BASF has started up a tailor-made polyamide coextrusion line for packaging and technical films at its Ludwigshafen site. With the collaboration of customers from the film industry, the line will be used to develop new applications for Ultramid polyamides. It will also be used for research, product development and material testing for Ultramid film products.

The line can produce cast and blown films with up to seven layers. The size and flexible configuration of the combined system enable it to simulate production conditions. The line is ideal for the production of test quantities and application testing for new film products.

"Ultramid helps our customers to develop increasingly sophisticated film structures," says Hermann Althoff, Senior Vice President of BASF's Global Polyamide & Intermediates Business Unit. "The new coextrusion line will enable us to develop new film applications for specific market needs in partnership with our customers," he says.


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