Clariant guards patented flame retardant technology against infringements

Swiss spaciality chemicals firm Clariant stands behind the quality of its patented flame retardants technology and affirms that it is taking legal actions in China against infringements to its patents and intellectual property rights.

The technology is based on the substance class of phosphinates. In particular, the diethylphosphinic acid aluminium salt (DEPAL) has become a leading solution for halogen-free flame retarded engineering thermoplastics like polyamides and polyesters. This innovative technology marketed under the trademark Exolit OP is widely covered by numerous patents and patent applications, which cover rights on the phosphinate substances, formulations of phosphinates with co-flame retardants (synergists), production processes and the application in engineering thermoplastics like polyamides and polyesters. Patent law covers the production as well as the sale and commercial use of the protected products.

Clariant says that the unique level of quality of its phosphinates has not been met by products being offered so far by other companies.


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