K2013: Celanese’s new UHMW-PE targeted at membranes and separators

Nearly 60 years since it was first introduced at K1955, US speciality materials firm Celanese Corporation says it has redefined its GUR ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) with breakthrough technology, capable of delivering a step change in both material performance and processing efficiencies.

“We believe this new Celanese technology can deliver tremendous value to our customers across a broad range of applications,” said Christopher Davie, Celanese strategy and marketing director - GUR, Industrial, Medical and Composites. “For example, this breakthrough technology can help manufacturers of membranes and separators achieve superior material performance and processing advantages.”

Based on in-house testing vs. grades in the existing product line, the next generation of GUR UHMW-PE:

  • Enhances performance for the separators used in lithium-ion batteries, which improves membrane puncture strength and provides greater design freedom
  • Demonstrates better gelation that is expected to provide fibre and membrane manufacturers clear processing advantages, such as increased throughput
  • Exhibits significantly higher abrasion resistance to extend life of machined parts while maintaining impact strength performance
  • Improves fiber strength and tensile properties for critical applications, such as life protection equipment or high-strength ropes

“Trial samples will be available during the second half of 2014,” Davie said. Celanese will select strategic development customers to receive samples of the next generation GUR UHMW-PE when they become available.


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