K2013: Macchi takes a firm stand on five-layer polyolefin blown film lines

Italian extrusion machinery maker Macchi says that the K2013 was the "best ever", with around ten machine deals concluded at the event and more to follow. It showcased a 2600 coex5 POD (Polyolefin-Dedicated) line and said that this was "the right decision, with the right product, in the right time frame and market situation." The firm has come to this conclusion after more than three years of intense marketing, having focused on the advantages of upgrading standard production methods toward the use of a high-tech configuration. "Even better if the machine on display runs on a solid throughput in excess of 1,000 kg/hour and provides a steady, almost technically unattended, morning-to-evening run," says the firm.

On the decision on what to demonstrate at the K, Macchi says it worked collaboratively with its customers. "We ask questions and keep in contact with the buyers during the entire process, ensuring we meet their needs, solve their problems and offer them the best service and the best products. Planning for a K show calls for a double check that we are pursuing our best-perceived goals and objectives. Our ultimate desire is to see results and meet or even exceed expectations. In order to do so, however, we have to make sure that we are fully focused in three areas; our structure must support the reason behind our goal; once we have defined our goal and its relation to our core beliefs we should develop a strategy, and finally we must act, take action, execute, and go after it."

The company adds that the fair provided it with the opportunity to explain to visitors that a "real life" demonstration is a big step forward, rather than customers relying on the Internet "to find what they need and are unable to have a feeling for the machine."

With a worldwide presence and annual exports representing more than 85% of its turnover, Macchi has grown and today, is an international, global company. To keep up this role and consolidate its presence all over the world in a constantly changing international back-ground, Macchi says it has made strides in the creation of a strong sales presence abroad, especially in its main markets.

Hence, the firm has set up a direct sales and service centre in China, which will be staffed by "expert Chinese personnel" who will be trained at Macchi's headquarters in Varese, Italy. The firm says it has also put in place an extensive network of agents globally. Macchi has representative offices in Singapore, India, the US and Russia.


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