Dell leads in using e-waste plastics

US multinational computer technology company, Dell is first to recycle computer plastic. Starting July through March, the company has utilised almost 3 million lb of plastic e-waste into its OptiPlex 3030 All-in-One, OptiPlex 3020 and 13 other desktops and monitors.

The Round Rock, Texas-based firm debuted its closed loop pilot project last summer by partnering with Wistron GreenTech. The computer plastics are collected from take-back programmes Dell has set up in 78 countries and then shipped to China, where they are shredded, melted and then blended with virgin plastic before being moulded into new parts that would contain about 35% recycled plastic on average.

Creating new computers from old parts allows Dell to conserve resources, reduce e-waste and slice carbon emissions by 11% compared with using virgin plastics, according to Dell .

Previously, Dell has incorporated plastics derived from water bottles and other sources into its computers. Meanwhile, the company is also tapping automotive and airline industries as source for plastic leftovers.


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