Evco forks out US$12 mn investments for expansions

Custom moulding specialist Evco Plastics Inc. has lined up a US12 million expansion plans this year, starting on expanding its large press moulding facility in Georgia to more than 10,219 sq m, as well as adding a 2-platen Ube injection press with 3,300 tonnes of clamping force; it is also expanding its machining facility in Wisconsin with five axis milling machines for mould making. Further, the Wisconsin-based firm is moving its China plant from Shenzhen to Dongguan, and adding injection moulding machines in Mexico.

In China, Evco says that it is putting in an ISO Class 8 clean room, which will make some parts for export, while a larger bulk of the output will be sold to the China market; On the other hand, is downsizing in the press-size department. The company is focusing on all-electric presses from 80-250 tonnes.


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