BASF/Jinming tie up for cooperation on PA films

German chemicals firm BASF and Chinese extrusion machinery maker Guangdong Jinming Machinery have signed a strategic partnership to jointly develop solutions for the co-extrusion film industry to improve packaging product quality and production efficiency. The partnership will offer flexible film manufacturers a complete solution including BASF’s Ultramid polyamide combined with Guangdong Jinming’s extrusion machinery technology.

“As the leading supplier of high quality polyamide for the packaging film industry, we understand our customers’ needs and requirements for higher performance and more reliable packaging solutions. Our cooperation with one of the leading machinery manufacturers in China, Guangdong Jinming, will ensure our solutions come faster into the market, helping our customers to enhance film functionality, optimize production process, and reduce waste and cost during trials,” said Marcelo Lu, Vice President, Polyamides and Precursors Asia Pacific, BASF.

Under this agreement, BASF will contribute its know-how in the production and formulation for extrusion films with Ultramid polyamide solutions while Guangdong Jinming will provide expertise in extrusion machinery. Both companies will carry out a wide range of tests and trials to provide customized Ultramid formulation for each multi-layer film type and equipment to flexible film producers.

“We are dedicated to developing our enterprise through science and technological advancement. We see technical know-how and expertise as game changers in the co-extrusion film market,” said Ma Zhenxin, Chairman of the board, Guangdong Jinming Machinery Co., Ltd. “By working closely with BASF, it will not only greatly enhance our international competitiveness and improve our technical skills along the value chain, but also add value to the domestic flexible packaging industry.”

This cooperation will also include a joint marketing campaign, the development of new applications in food and industrial packaging, comprehensive testing of film structures, and material and equipment matching.


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