Chinaplas 2014: Kraiburg launches Asia-centric TPE portfolio; pumps up R&D efforts
Chinaplas 2014: Kraiburg launches Asia-centric TPE portfolio; pumps up R&D efforts

Kraiburg TPE, which manufactures thermoplastic elastomers based on HSBC (hydrogenated styrene block copolymers), has introduced a new Asia Pacific portfolio, with seven different types of TPE grades, to serve local market needs.

“Werealise the potential growth of TPEs in the Asia Pacific and that is why we are gearing up for it,” said Roland Ritter,Director Asia-Pacific.

Included in the new line-up are the following:-

  • AD/PA/AP series: for applications with excellent adhesion to PA
  • FC/AP series: natural-coloured and translucent solutions for food contact applications
  • GP/AP series: for technical applications with excellent adhesion to PP
  • FC/AD/PE series: forfood contact applications requiring adhesion to LDPE, LLPE and HDPE
  • FR/AP series: for applications requiring high flame retardant properties
  • SCR series: for applications requiring a high degree of scratch resistance
  • UV/AP series: for automotive exterior components requiring high UV resistance

“Our positioning in the market is to teach our customers about our products,” he said, adding that the company does not sell to the commodity market. “A majority of our products are specialities for niche applications.”

In line with its customer-oriented focus, it offers tailor-made product services as well as specific solutions like fragrance and colour matching.

But this will not be possible without R&D. “The key in a growing market is to have localised development. We have increased our headcount for R&D in Malaysia, where our facility is, to handle Asian product development, and technical consultancy for product development,” he said.

Technical support is important in China, where a growth market for Kraiburg is itsDW compounds (drinking water series) for the shower/faucet sector. “This product requires technical support since approvals are not easy and getting tighter.” Their special formulation means that they satisfy the most important European drinking water standards. Due to their smooth, dirt and limescale-repellent surface, the TPEs are suitable for use in the sanitary and drinking water sector.

Kraiburg is also implementing marketing intelligence programmes to ascertain customer needs. “A challenge in the future is to find out what else is possible with TPEs. We are already far ahead of our competitors and able to do things that others are not able to,” claimed Ritter.

He highlighted a recent “under-the-hood” automotive application that utilises the Hipex grade, which compared with other TPEs, is permanently heat-resistant at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.German automotive components maker Veritas will use a Hipex TPE/PA substrate to produce double clips for fastening brake lines; the clips will be used as a standard component in engine compartments.

Meanwhile, Ritter said Kraiburg will consider a capacity expansion in two years to cater to the growing Asian market. The Germany-headquartered firm’s Asian facility is located in Malaysia, where it has three lines with a total capacity of 8,000 tonnes/year.


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