Polyscope launches new resin grades with low molecular weight

Global producer of styrene maleic anhydride co-polymers Polyscope, has launched two new product grades with a lower molecular weight, to extend its existing portfolio of Xiran styrene maleic anhydride co-polymers.

Each of the two new grades, Xiran SZ25010, which has an Mw of 10,000; and Xiran SZ40005, which has an Mw as low as 5,000, has a significantly lower molecular weight compared to existing Xiran grades.

In addition, Xiran SZ25010 has a 25% maleic anhydride content and Xiran SZ40005 has an even higher maleic anhydride content of 42% for added functionality.

This brings a number of key benefits for formulators, including easy processability of adhesives; faster and more stable processing of composites; better and more durable colours in coating and paints; and better printing properties in paper, with a higher quality end-result in the print.

Xiran co-polymers with low molecular weight are ideal in many applications where solutions with higher solids, lower viscosities, and excellent wetting and dispersion properties are required.

The low molecular weight grades are particularly suited for applications including adhesive labels: composites, coatings and paints:


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