Roquette resumes production of sorbitol-based clarifiers for polymers

French polyols and natural derivatives firm  Roquette is an established producer of sorbitol-based clarifiers using an efficient and environmentally sustainable production process.

By offering Disorbene 3, Roquette introduces new reputable source for bis-DMBS, a state-of-the-art clarifier developed and sold by Milliken under the registered trade name Millad 3988, and provides additional capacity for this widely used clarifier to meet the growing needs of the polymer industry.

 “Roquette has proven to be a very good partner to the polymer industry for the first and second generation sorbitol-based clarifiers in the past, ” said Industry expert Dr. Felix Meyer,  adding that Disorbene 3 has the same quality standards and the advantageous granulometry of the Industry reference.

 “Polypropylene producers in Europe are welcoming Roquette decision to re-enter the clarifier business as they were depending on one non-European supplier in the past, ” commented Thierry Laurent, head of Roquette Plant-based solutions department. He said that Roquette has recently created a new unit called Performance Plastics to strengthen its link to the polymer industry.

Next to Disorbene, Roquette is offering the following plant-based solutions for the polymer industry: Gaialene - plant-based resins, Polysorb (isosorbide) and Reverdia Biosuccinium - monomers and Polysorb ID – phthalate-free plasticiser.


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