Oxea completes new carboxylic acids production plant

Chemical firm Oxea has mechanically completed its new carboxylic acids plant in Oberhausen, Germany after fifteen months of construction, and expected to go on stream soon.

The new facility, Carboxylic Acids 3, is Oxea’s fifth production plant for carboxylic acids worldwide that is targeted to boost its global carboxylic acids production capacity by another 40%.

“The growing global demand for synthetic fatty acids in segments such as energy-efficient lubricant esters and specialty phthalate-free plasticisers is the main driver behind our ongoing capacity increases. Our new plant will be instrumental in helping Oxea meet this rising demand. It further strengthens our position as the global leader and the supplier of the broadest carboxylic acids product portfolio overall,” commented Miguel Mantas, Sales and Marketing officer at Oxea’s executive board.

“The completion of our latest plant marks another great milestone for Oxea. We made full use of our proprietary advanced technology and have applied our profound experience derived from our carboxylic acids plants at Oberhausen, Marl, and Bay City to the planning and construction of our new facility. In line with Oxea’s sustainability program, we successfully implemented additional measures at our new plant to further optimize heat recovery, the use of energy and to reduce overall waste,“ said Dr. Martina Flöel, spokesperson for the Oxea Executive Board and responsible for Operations and Technology.


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