Solvay to stop nylon line in France temporarily

Belgium-based Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates has decided to temporarily stop one of its three production lines on Belle-Etoile industrial platform in Saint-Fons, France. Belle-Etoile facility is dedicated to the manufacturing of the Stabamid nylon 6.6 polymer. The firms this decision will be maintained until better economic conditions are recovered.

“The worldwide nylon market is encountering a series of structural and short-term events with lasting overcapacities, escalating raw materials and energy costs and fierce competition,” explained Yannick Adnot, Vice President Europe.

Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates strives continuously to counteract this situation with productivity programmes and new developments as illustrated by the recent announcement on PA 6.10 new range polymers, confirming its long-term commitment to nylon 6.6 market.


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