Perstorp starts up oxo plant in Sweden; catering to PVC plasticisers

Production of key raw materials for Perstorp’s PVC plasticisers, Valeraldehyde and 2-propylheptanol, and associated chemicals at a major extension to Perstorp’s main plant in Stenugsund, Sweden has started up. Prime material is being produced soon after start-up.

Magnus Lannér, Perstorp’s new Executive Vice President of Operations, says: “The new Oxo plant, which produces aldehydes and derivatives, is a testament to the company’s commitment to the PVC industry. This will greatly strengthen Perstorp’s reliability for its plasticisers offer to the market, by upstream integration into their essential raw materials. The new Oxo plant also enables us to produce n-valeric acid and 2-propyl heptanol (2-PH) which are key intermediates for lubricants, adhesives and surfactants."

With the conclusion of its largest plant investment ever, Perstorp has boosted its total Oxo capacity by 150,000 tonnes/year and become one of the few fully integrated suppliers of plasticisers. This improved production position, in combination with logistics centres in several countries, now provides Perstorp customers with improved access to market-leading high performance, sustainable and cost effective plasticisers, says the company.

“The state-of-the-art plant is a powerful demonstration of Perstorp’s position as a dynamic and innovative leader in plasticizers”, says Jerker Olsson, Vice President Business Unit Oxo. “This investment strengthens our market position, and because the new Stenungsund plant is fully integrated upstream, we can offer our customers a level of reliability, consistency and customisation that our competitors will find hard to match.”

Perstorp also has a strategically important position in the synthetic lubricants segment as a supplier of key intermediates and specialised products. With the new Oxo plant, the company will additionally offer n-valeric acid, with unique properties for lubricant formulators and as a pharmaceutical intermediate. Furthermore, Perstorp will offer the market the C10 alcohol 2-PH as a raw material for surfactants, adhesives and lubricants, as well as for plasticisers.

Perstorp offers two ranges of general purpose plasticizers: Emoltene 100 and Pevalen.

Emoltene 100 (Di-Propyl Heptyl Phthalate), a C10 plasticiser is designed for outdoor durable applications where flexibility and durability are key to meet the toughest conditions required in cables, wires and roofing membranes.

Pevalen is a non-phthalate plasticiser especially created to meet the safety and performance requirements of indoor PVC applications such as flooring and coated fabrics. It provides softness and UV stability.


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