Total raises bar for multilayer composite pipe productivity with XSene XRT 70 HDPE

Global energy group,Total, introduces the latest high density polyethylene pressure pipe grade that combines excellent processability with elevated temperature performance and long-term stability to raise processing performance to a level never seen before.

XSene XRT70 is a PE-RT (PE with Raised Temperature resistance) Type II HDPE produced using Total’s Advanced Double Loop technology. High extrusion speeds can be reached at low extrusion temperatures and without any melt fracture, while keeping an excellent surface finish.

Recent industrial production runs at key customers producing multilayer composite pipes (MLCP) have clearly demonstrated the productivity gains made possible by this resin. These pipes have inner and outer layers of PE-RT that encase a core layer of aluminium foil.

In Poland, established hot & cold pipe system manufacturer Sigma-Li has used XSene XRT70 to achieve a stable pipe production at high line speeds of 40 m/min for 16-mm diameter HDPE-aluminium composite pipes for central heating systems. They were produced on a battenfeld-cincinnati uniEX 45-30 line that the company recently installed, one of the most advanced in Europe. In China, the same high line speed was achieved with the same material for a 20 mm diameter PE-RT pipe.


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