Amut clinches order in Vietnam

Italian machinery maker of extrusion, thermoforming machines, recycling lines and waste sorting and treatment equipment Amut has recently delivered to South Vietnam an AMP 630-GP second generation inline extrusion and thermoforming plant with a high capacity.

Vietnam is a dynamic emerging market with excellent opportunities: the plastic manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam, sustaining average annual growth of 20% to 25%, reaching a production around 2.1 million tonnes.

Thus the new machine will augur well for the company. It comes with an automatic pick up stacker and an EA100 extruder. The plant is able to produce large quantities of disposable cups in PP with 95 mm diameter, in particular 33,000 cups/hour for a capacity of 500 ml and 35,000 cups/hour for a capacity of 450 ml. A three-station volumetric dosing unit with capacity up to 600 kg/hour, a static mixer and a mill grinding the thermoformed scraps, placed in line after the thermoforming machine, are also supplied.

The EA100 extruder (100 mm) production of 600 kg/hour using only 38% of recycled material originated from the thermoformed scraps.

Amut says that several Vietnamese companies have chosen its technology, especially extrusion lines for pipe production, even up to 1.000 mm external diameter.

One line has been supplied to produce U-PVC pipes for electric conduits (possible diameters from 16 mm to 32 mm) based on a BA72 twin-screw extruder, which permits a capacity of up to 250 kg/hour +/- 10%.

A hot/cold mixing system for the production of PVC dry-blend, in powder, completes the line: the heat mixer has a capacity of 200 litres whilst the horizontal cooling mixer has 500 litres.

Other references are represented by machines producing HDPE pipes both for small range of diameters, up to 63 mm, and for a bigger size of up to 1,000 mm. The first includes an EA48 single-screw extruder to guarantee a capacity of 240 kg/hour whilst the bigger line is based on an EA130 single-screw extruder and on a co-extrusion equipment for coloured stripes.

The output is around 1,200 kg/hour. For this project Amut says it has produced a compact extrusion die with 16-spiral distribution, granting perfect thickness uniformity on the whole pipe circumference. The plant is equipped with two vacuum tanks and three spray cooling tanks for a total cooling length of 34 m, necessary to produce pipes for PN6 and PN8 working pressures.


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