Recron boosts efficiency with Maag and Automatik Plastics Machinery

Recron Malaysia, a member of the Reliance Group and the world’s largest polyester and textile manufacturing company with production facilities in Nilai and Malaka, utilises gear pump supplier Maag’s new bearing material featuring an improved clearance for existing polymer pumps, during debottlenecking projects. Recron says that doing so has made them achieve a higher production capacity of approximately 15%. Without changing other auxiliary equipment such as universal drive shafts and drive units, Recron was able to maximise its production capabilities. Meanwhile, Maag’s arm in Singapore, supports Recron with professional consulting to help achieve an increased production target.

Likeiwse, Recron utilses underwater strand pelletiser by Automatik Plastics Machinery, which opened its service centre in Malaysia in 2009. The pelletiser. has played an important role to Recron;s production, in lieu of better pellet quality, and reduced consumable costs.


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