Celanese offers engineered materials with anti-counterfeiting technologies

Celanese, a global technology and specialty materials company based in Texas, US recently unveiled its range of detectable polymer technologies, which it said can help original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers ensure products contain components and parts that meet their material specifications.

According to Stefan Kutta, Celanese global director-Transportation, these technologies are especially important today in light of several recalls due to inferior and counterfeit materials.

Engineered materials from Celanese are available with anti-counterfeiting technologies to help assist OEM and Tier suppliers in reducing the potential risk and loss of revenue from counterfeits in automotive parts, consumer products, medical devices, packaging and consumer electronics.

Available anti-counterfeiting technologies include:

  • Unambiguous part analysis based on unique engineered material additives
  • Ultraviolet-detectable technologies for enhanced quality control that are primarily used in the production of complex medical devices
  • Printing and laser marking technologies that allow Celanese engineered materials to be marked with a visible barcode, such as manufacturer, batch number and raw material/batch

Other anti-counterfeiting technologies include X-ray detection, micro-tagging — invisible colour coded small particles — that can be identified via microscopy (10x magnification), and optical verifiable pigments/nanoparticles that are an invisible marker or “optical fingerprint.”


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