Instron’s trend tracker for Bluehill software

A Provider of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets, Instron has introduced TrendTracker, a software package for managing and analysing test results for Bluehill 3 Materials Testing Software. The firm says that the TrendTracker accelerates the data analysis workflow of a laboratory. With the TrendTracker Viewer application, a user “can rapidly search and analyse Bluehill results.” For a Quality Lab, this means narrowing down the source of variation; for an R&D lab it means better evaluating design iterations to arrive at the optimal design; and for a high volume centralised testing lab, it means easy distribution of results to customers, according to Instron.

With the TrendTracker Plugin, Bluehill results across multiple samples tested over time are automatically exported to a robust and scalable database on Microsoft’s SQL Server. The TrendTracker Viewer provides an intuitive interface to search, display, and analyse results over time, and across multiple samples and test frames. This means there is no more file searching and copy-pasting, says the firm. The search results can also be exported to file formats that can be easily opened in statistical packages like Minitab and MATLAB.

The TrendTracker database can be installed on the customer’s SQL Server or on an Instron-distributed Express edition. The US-headquartered firm says that based on popular customer demand, is has also included the batch export utility to migrate years of test results in existing Bluehill 2 and Bluehill 3 sample files.

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