Engel doubles production capacity in South Korean plant

According to Engel, they are rolling off 1,200 injection moulding machines in the production line every year at its plant in Pyungtaek City – almost double the current figure.

Engel , which claims to be the only western producer of injection moulding machines with two production sites in Asia., recently celebrated the expansion and modernisation of the facility , for which it has invested a total of EUR8 million.

“Engel wants to lead the world when it comes to generating customer benefit. To achieve this, customer proximity has to be a firm priority. We also need to ensure our injection moulding machines and system solutions are of a consistently high quality around the world. Our considerable success in Asia has shown that we're on the right track with this strategy”, emphasised Dr. Peter Neumann, the CEO of ENGEL Holding in Austria. In recent years, ENGEL has succeeded in steadily raising its market share in Asia. In fiscal year 2011/2012 the figure approached 10 percent for the first time as an Asian sales record of €125 million was achieved.

On the fast-growing markets of Asia, the Pyungtaek City subsidiary plays a key role for the Engel, it said in a recent press release..

The company has been producing small and medium-sized machines in the clamping force range of 25 to 400 tonnes in Korea since 2001, including machines for the Engel victory, Engel e-mac, Engel e-motion and Engel insert series. Thirty percent of these machines are for the domestic market in Korea, and 70% are exported to China and other Asian countries. Clients include high profile global players (especially in the automobile and electronics industries) alongside smaller local plastics processing firms.

Robert Bodingbauer, President of ENGEL Machinery Korea said that the decentralised production facility in Asia enable them to offer fast delivery times to clients in the region, with guarantee to adapt theur injection moulding machines and system solutions to the specific requirements of local markets.

He also added that since systems business, including automation, is becoming more important along with process integration solutions and energy saving options, Engel is following through this development.

Meanwhile, Engel's production plant in Shanghai was also significantly expanded just last year. The company has been producing large-scale machines for the Engel duo series in China since 2007.


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