Songwon Additive to start Houston plant for OPS

Songwon Additive Technologies Americas is stating production of OPS products (One Pack Systems) at a new facility in Houston, US in April this year.

The Houston facility will have an initial annual capacity of 7.000 tonnes and follows Songwon’s investment in Additives Technology Greiz (ATG) in 2011, which was doubled in capacity in 2012 to 14.000 tonnes per year.

The 7.000-tonne/year initial capacity Houston plant is part of Songwon's global OPS strategy being driven by a Joint Venture between Songwon Industrial Group, Pan Gulf Holding Company of Saudi Arabia, and Polysys Industries of Abu Dhabi, for the manufacture and sale of Songnox OPS (One Pack Systems).

OPS products combine a range of additives into one dust-free pellet form and offer a number of significant advantages to molders and compounders of thermoplastic materials.

Meanwhile, Songwon Additive Technologies AG and Polysys Industries will be establishing a new company, Polysys Additive Technologies ME. The venture will build a 7,000-tonne/year initial capacity OPS manufacturing plant in Kizad (Khalifa Industrial City) in Abu Dhabi and will come on stream in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Doug Excell, Vice President OPS Operations noted that production from the OPS facility is timely especially since the North American polymer industry is rebounding with the advent of Shale Gas-Oil and lower energy costs.

“This OPS Facility is coming on stream at just the right time to serve the needs of our customers as the industry expands. The new physical form capability, combined with the security of supply through our back integration on the polymer stabilizer components, allows Songwon to present an integrated value proposition to the polymer producers, " he said.

Jongho Park, Chairman and CEO and Head of the Songwon Industrial Group Executive Committee, commented, "Songwon is committed to continuously extending its offering to the global polymer industry. Songwon Additive Technologies AG is the vehicle we have created to accelerate the network of global facilities that offer a wide range of OPS products that are based on identical regional production processes."


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