DuPont, General Akcome sign agreement for frameless solar panel

DuPont Performance Polymers (DuPont) signed a licensing agreement with Jiangsu General Akcome Renewable Energy Technology (General Akcome) to further develop the integrated polymer backrail system for the ever-growing frameless solar panel installation at a ceremony held at the DuPont Shanghai Innovation Centre recently.

In the photovoltaic industry, frameless modules have recently been emerging for cost reduction; however, there have been no cost-effective solutions to fix the module to ground mounting systems or roof tops. In response to the strong market needs, DuPont developed the Polymer Backrail System. The simple, light and corrosion free polymer back rail enables a reduction in the levelised cost of energy without sacrificing safety for installers and system owners.

“Solar is one of the core renewable energy sources that can help support China’s efforts to provide 15% of energy from non-fossil fuels by 2020,” said DuPont Performance Polymers Asia Pacific Business Director Philippe Hanck, “We are committed to bring solutions based on DuPont’s leading advantage on high-performance polymer products, processing and design to solar industry as well. Collaboration with industry leaders like Akcome is essential to develop practical solutions. ”

“We appreciate the cooperation with DuPont on the Polymer Backrail System development,” said General Akcome Chairman Eddy Yip. “DuPont has broad knowledge in polymer science. Our cooperation not only brings us the new technology, but also brings many inspiring ideas on material innovation and application development in the renewable energy industry.”


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