Sun Plastech acquires Novachem

Sun Plastech Inc, subsidiary of New Jersey-based Asahi Kassei Chemicals, has completed its acquisition of Novachem.

Connecticut-based Novachem is a leading supplier of chemical purging compounds under its Novapurge and SuperNova product lines, as well as its InstaPurge line of mechanical purges, and its more recent Hybrid line of compounds that combines SuperNova technology with InstaPurge.

According to Sun Plastech, this acquisition further bolsters its position as a leading provider of purging compounds. It allows it to offer injection moulders, extruders, compounders, and blow moulders a wide array of quality selections of purging products that meet nearly any purging scenario, with the aim of maximising their production efficiency by minimising downtime and reducing scrap.

Sun Plastech’s broad range of mechanical purging compounds are sold under the Asaclean brand.


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