BASF opens world-scale tBA plant in China
tBA plant

Chemicals firm BASF opens its wholly-owned world-scale tert. Butylamine (tBA) production plant at the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park in China.

The plant, which has an annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes, is also integrated into the production facilities of BASF-YPC Co. Ltd. in Nanjing.

“The tBA plant is a vital element of our Asia Pacific strategy with a target to produce 75% of the products we sell in the region. The production process is wastewater-free and minimises emissions,” said Dr. Albert Heuser, President, BASF Asia Pacific.

“The successful startup of this wholly-owned plant is an important milestone for us. We have now complemented our global network with production facilities for tBA in Asia, Europe and North America. This further strengthens BASF’s global leading position in tBA. From this local production facility, our customers can enjoy shorter lead times and higher supply reliability,” said Dr. Guido Voit, Senior Vice President, BASF Intermediates, Asia Pacific.

tBA is a primary aliphatic amine that is used as an intermediate for the production of accelerators for the rubber and tire industry. It is also used in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries as a building block. In addition to the plant in Nanjing, BASF produces tBA in Geismar, Louisiana, and in Antwerp, Belgium.


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