Victrex acquires US polymers gear firm Kleiss Gears

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British-based global PEEK polymer-based solutions provider Victrex, is further enhancing its ability to provide complete ‘integrated’ solutions following its acquisition of US-based polymer gears specialist Kleiss Gears. The acquisition is expected to facilitate the rapid development of solutions to key challenges facing customers across industries, including enhanced durability and reliability, better performance, significant reductions in energy consumption and weight, and up to 50% reduction in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), compared with metal gears.

New and existing customers can now benefit from integrated polymer-based gear capabilities, including design, prototyping, testing, tool design and manufacture of polymer-based gears, according to Victrex. It is because, Kleiss Gears has a proven track record stretching over 20 years of replacing and complementing metal gear systems with high-performance engineering polymer gears such as Victrex PEEK.

David Hummel, Chief Executive of Victrex said that the acquisition of Kleiss Gears will enable them to enhance their offering, including rapid development processes such as material selection, gear and tool design, testing and validation, and precision manufacturing capabilities.


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