Kureha starts up 5,000-tonne PVDF plant in China

Japanese firm Kureha Corporation has completed its the polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) manufacturing plant at its wholly owned subsidiary, Kureha (Changshu) Fluoropolymers (KFPC), in China.

KFPC was established as Kureha’s PVDF manufacturing and sales subsidiary in the Jiangsu Province of China in January 2012, in response to rising demand for the material as a binder in lithium-ion batteries as well as an engineering plastic for various industrial uses. Construction of the PVDF plant with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes began at KFPC in June 2012. The plant was completed last April and has since started test operation.

The Kureha Group has leveraged its collective expertise and technology of more than four decades to develop and manufacture PVDF products that will meet requirements of customers and industries. With additional 5000-tonne production capacity in the Chinese plant, the group has boosted its annual PVDF production capacity up to 9,000 tonnes, combining its operation at the Iwaki plant in Japan.


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