PU market to flourish in Asia Pacific

Against the backdrop of continuing affluence, PU demand is continuing to shift towards Asia Pacific, due to saturated industrialised markets in Western Europe and the US, says a new report from Ceresana Research, adding that Asia Pacific is the largest market for PUs at 44%, outpacing Europe and the US.

Revenues generated on the global market for PU are also likely to increase to more than US$80 billion, says the Germany-based Ceresana, adding that the global market for PU will continue to grow 4.5% on average a year.

Due to the Increasing demand, Ceresana says the global capacity of 8.8 million tonnes will increase by more than 3 million tonnes by 2020, with a majority (81%) of new capacity to be established in Asia Pacific.

Markets are driven by larger middle classes, which demand greater comfort and from the building sector, for thermal insulation.


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