Italian firms jointly develop 100% biodegradable protective caps

Elastomers and biodegradable compounds, API, and hydropneumatics specialist, DLM, have collaborated to develop the first protective cap for quick connect couplings in 100% biodegradable soft material.

The protective caps for quick connect couplings offer protection from environmental conditions, weather, and possible damage to the delicate hydraulic connections of the hydraulic systems present in tractors and earth moving machinery.

The materials traditionally used for this application are PVC and SEBS-based compounds. The main characteristics required for this application are good resistance to UV and also temperature and weather resistance for lengthy and undefined periods of time.

While in use, protective caps for quick connect couplings often fall to the ground.

DLM incepted the creation of a product line with low environmental impact. The 100% biodegradable protective caps for quick connect couplings can be completely absorbed into the ground without harming the environment, the company said.

For API, the challenge was to create the formulation of a biodegradable material that could offer the same technical performance of traditionally used materials, while also being suitable for transformation using the machines and moulds designed for PVC and SEBS compounds.

By carrying out some modifications to the rheology of the base material and by acting on the relative composition of the constituents, API said that it developed a special grade of APINAT Bio perfectly suitable to be worked using the equipment available and with the required technical performance for this application.

API also said that this latest application development of APINAT Bio further confirms and reinforces its commitment to supporting more innovative companies who are sensitive to the growing environmental problems related to creating objects with a low environmental impact.


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