Chem-Trend buys composites release agent firm

US-based Chem-Trend, a provider of speciality release agents for multiple industries, has acquired Zyvax, a supplier of release systems for the composites industry. The acquisition gives Chem-Trend, headquartered in Howell, Michigan, an expanded portfolio of products for the fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) industry. Zyvax, based in Ellijay, Georgia, was first to market with a line of solvent-free, water-based release systems engineered to meet the stringent requirements of advanced composite processes. Today, its customers include major OEMs and moulded parts manufacturers to the aerospace, wind energy, automotive, sporting goods and oil & gas industries.

Chem-Trend products are used in a broad range of industry segments such as composites, die cast, polyurethane, rubber, thermoplastics, wood composite and in the manufacturing of tyres. “Today’s move will result in synergies derived from the innovation capabilities in release agent technology and composites industry expertise of both companies, which will help us further enhance the product and service offering to our customers,” says Chem-Trend President and CEO Devanir Moraes.

“With the acquisition of the Zyvax business, Chem-Trend will provide end users and distributors with release systems and complementary moulding process aids that create even greater value, efficiency and productivity in the development and manufacturing of FRP and advanced composite components.”

Zyvax was founded in 1985 by Nancy Layman. “Much like Chem-Trend, Zyvax has advanced the industry with performance-oriented products, scientific know-how and forward thinking,” she says.


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