Pharma-grade pelletiser system launched by US firm


US-based Reduction Engineering Scheer, a manufacturer of strand pelletising systems, has introduced a new line of fully pharmaceutical-grade strand pelletisers which are used in applications where pharmaceutical drugs are mixed with active ingredients in an extruder. Reduction Engineering sees increased demand from the pharmaceutical industry for these pelletiser systems and has entered the market.

The pharma-grade pelletisers are targeted for applications that must meet strict regulations in terms of materials of construction, cleanability, and regulatory compliance and documentation, according to John Sly, Sales Manager for Reduction Engineering.

Pelletisers for these compounding processes are carefully designed and micro-polished so they have no hang-up points, which reduce the potential for contamination. The stainless steel pelletizer system is polished to a specific finish for a complete, meticulous cleaning.

The pharma-grade pelletiser is similar in design and construction to Reduction Engineering’s SGS 25 E4 and Bullet Series line. It is available in four sizes with 1-6-in cutting widths. The pelletiser is commercially available and has been sold to both OEMs and compounders in the US.

Reduction Engineering Scheer is a member of Switzerland’s Maag Pump Systems. Founded in 1994 as a builder of pulverisers for converting pellets to powders, the company began machining rotor knives for Conair pelletisers in 2000, took over assembly of the pelletisers in 2002, and purchased the line from Conair in 2006. In late 2008, the company also purchased the pelletiser business of C.F. Scheer & Cie GmbH, the world’s largest manufacturer of strand pelletisers. The production of rotational moulding equipment is carried out by a Brazilian affiliate, Rotoline Industrial Equipment.


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