Struktol expands additive line for recycled polymers

Supplier of additives Struktol Company of America says it has developed a “unique” process additives for reclaimed/recycled plastics and for polymer compounds that contain recycled content. The company will highlight the product expansion at the upcoming NPE 2015 show in March.

The products are said to be useful in a variety of different resin systems from polyolefins to engineered plastics, offering processing efficiency and enhanced performance. They are targeted for compounds containing 100% recycled material or materials with varying levels of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content.

For engineering plastics, Struktol offers two new products that combine a compatibiliser with lubricants to create a combination product that aids in the incorporation of fillers (mineral or glass) with improved mixing and flow properties as well as mould release. These products result in better processing, improved surface quality, and in some cases, better physical properties.

Among the new products, TR 229 is for use in both PC and PC/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) blends as well as nylon 6 and 6,6 compounds. It can be used in FDA-approved applications and is also ideal for use in recycled applications. Struktol also introduced TR 219 for use in nylon 6 and 6,6 compounds. It has also been found to be effective in PET and PBT compounds, especially recycled or recyclate-containing applications or in cases where the polyester compound is contaminated with other plastics.

Struktol also announced additions to its line of additive products for recycled PP, RP 11, a lubricant package that provides a combination of viscosity reduction and mould release characteristics for recycled PP resins and compounds. Loading levels as low as 0.2% result in increased melt flow and allow for significant improvements in mould filling and release. In addition, another grade, RP 06, is ideal in automotive applications while RP 37 is designed for resins that contain high levels of PE contaminants.

For wood-filled compounds, the Ohio company introduced RP 17, a combination lubricant and odour neutralising mask. The product has been modified for use in a variety of polymer resins and compounds that require the multi-functionality of lubrication and can be used in recycled applications as well as automotive interior compounds where neutral odour may be a requirement. In addition to this product, Struktol is doing custom product design around odour and volatile reduction in a variety of resin types.


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