Reduction Engineering invests in new equipment to meet demand

US-based Reduction Engineering Scheer, a worldwide supplier of pulverisers, pelletisers, and rotational moulding equipment, has announced a significant investment in new rotor grinding and measuring equipment in response to strong sales growth throughout the world.

Reduction Engineering’s new equipment includes a state-of-the-art CNC grinding centre, which delivers greater speed, improved productivity, and cost efficiency. The company also invested in a new 3-D coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which offers versatility and high accuracy.

“We’re growing as a company and our primary goal is to produce cost effectively, quickly, and at a high level of quality,” said Rick D’Angelo, CEO for Reduction Engineering. “An integral part of our strategy is investment in state-of-the-art equipment as the company grows.”

D’Angelo noted that the company’s rotor resharpening business enjoyed a record year. Similarly, Reduction saw significant growth in disposable discs for pulverising. “Our overall succcess in these areas pushed us to add this new capacity so we can continue to quickly respond to customer needs,” explained D’Angelo.

The multi-grinding center adds significant new capacity to Reduction’s rotor making operation. The new machine center operates at five times the speed of competitive technology centers, enabling the company to produce more rotors at a competitive cost while also servicing rotors more quickly, explained D’Angelo.

Meanwhile, the Romer ARM CMM is a portable device which can be extended on a six-foot articulating arm. It makes highly accurate measurements during rotor production and can be used to diagnose problems and perform incoming quality inspections.

Reduction Engineering plans to continue to invest in automation technology over the coming year, according to D’Angelo. “To process our materials cost effectively and efficiently, we will continue to focus on increased levels of automation in our grinding center,” he said, adding that the investment will be among the topics of discussion at the company’s booth at the NPE 2015 show in Orlando, US.

Located in Kent, Ohio, Reduction Engineering Scheer was founded in 1994 as a builder of pulverisers for converting pellets to powders. The company began machining rotor knives for Conair pelletisers in 2000, took over assembly of the pelletisers in 2002, and purchased the line from Conair in 2006. In late 2008, the company also purchased the pelletiser business of C.F. Scheer & Cie GmbH, the world’s largest manufacturer of strand pelletisers. The production of rotational moulding equipment is carried out by a Brazilian affiliate, Rotoline Industrial Equipment, for which Reduction Engineering operates a sales and service center in Kent.


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