Bäumer takes over the product line of Lamit

German cutting machine supplier for PU foams Albrecht Bäumer has acquired the product line and taken over the sales-related activities of Lamit, manufacturer of bonding machines and production lines. Bäumer says the acquisition complements its range of products for foam processing industries and further expands its strong market position.

Since 1989, Lamit has been focusing on supplying the mattress industry with automated bonding machines and line concepts for the production of raw mattresses and has become the world leader in this field. The shareholders of Lamit Company have retired from business and decided on selling the company to Bäumer. The world-wide market for mattresses as well as related foam processing industries offer a great growth potential thanks to increasing automation.

For customers, this will mean a continued delivery and further development of technological milestones in the integrated business field of bonding and cutting, says Bäumer. By including bonding technologies into the product line, Bäumer succeeds in integrating a further production step into automated production lines.

Bäumer manufactures systems and machines for the cutting, converting, transporting and storing of polyurethane foams. It has sales and service branches located in the US, Japan and China as well as a knife production site in South Africa.


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