New liquid coating solutions from Davis-Standard

US-based extrusion machinery maker Davis-Standard’s most recent liquid coating advances include offering a curtain slide coater and developing a five-roll silicone coater, converting technology and support services. These offerings will be promoted at ICE USA, booth #411, by the developer.

Davis-Standard, which offers extrusion coating, liquid coating, blown film and cast film, will highlight the curtain slide coater that applies single layer coatings at rates up to 2,800 fpm (853 mpm) with expansion capabilities up to two additional layers. The five-roll silicone coater is capable of applying 100% silicone at rates up to 2400 fpm (732 mpm). This coater is constructed of stainless steel for ease of clean-up and includes a mist removal system.

The company says it supports liquid coating for slow or high-speed applications, clean room environments, film or paper substrates, ultra thin and ultra thick coatings, and precision coating and drying.

In extrusion coating, Davis-Standard recently introduced the dsX flex-pack to support cost-sensitive flexible packaging applications. This system is pre-configured to merge customer demands for better end-product quality, greater uptime and productivity, reduced production costs and application versatility. It is also engineered with proven components and an adaptable machine configuration, making it ideal for converters, printing companies, multinational companies and start-ups.

The dsX technology supports cast and blown film applications with the dsX s-tretch and dsX flex-film systems. The dsX s-tretch is the first cast film line of its kind featuring integrated pre-stretch capabilities as an alternative to traditional pre-stretching methods. Processors can take advantage of thinner films, higher line speeds, reduced waste and improved film strength. In blown film, the dsX flex-film is designed for applications in printing and laminating, flexible packaging, collation shrink and bag making, hood shrink and surface printing.

Options for Davis-Standard’s air ring and feedscrew designs are available as well as different widths and die sizes to accommodate multiple products. Service and support is included for its line of control systems since Davis-Standard is the home to Circonix Technologies, which supports the ability to upgrade PLC, drive and mechanical systems on installations, including non Davis-Standard brands.


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