WM wraps up K show on a successful note

WM Wrapping Machinery, the Swiss manufacturer of thermoforming machines for disposable packaging, says the K2013 show last October in Düsseldorf was a successful one. It says it especially had visitors from Asia, the Middle East and from North and South America to its booth.

The firm displayed its FC 780 E IM2 Speedmaster Plus series vacuum thermoforming machine and FT 500 Desmoformer simultaneous form-cut machine with lower tilting platen equipped with the new stacking devices, models, which it says are drawing a lot of attention in the market; with new projects for machines with the same configuration under negotiation.

The FC 780 E IM2 Speedmaster Plus forms and cuts, using a steel rule blade, all in the same forming station. It is equipped with a second cutting press for products that requires a second cutting step. In addition, the machine can also install a three axes robot for counting, stacking (with A-B or A-B-C sequences) and remove the stacked products. The machine can carry moulds up to 780x570 mm, with the forming unit generating a closing force of 750 kN. The standard versions come equipped with motorised height adjustments for both the lower and upper fixed platen. Thus, it can carry moulds with different heights, without the need for adapter plates. The platen movements, guided on four columns, of the first forming/cutting press and of the second cutting station, are achieved with servomotors that independently drive a double toggle system. The forming station is also equipped with a servomotor unit to drive the deep-drawing, which pre-stretches the sheet.

During the show the machine was displayed with a mould for an APET double eggs container.

Meanwhile, the FT 500 is a simultaneous form-cut machine with lower tilting platen. This machine can carry moulds up to 570x375 mm, with the closing unit generating a cutting force of 300 kN. It is also equipped with a wide range of devices, starting from the plugging system with servomotor, and continuing with the stacking system with rotating plate used for the removal, count and single row stacking of the thermoformed products.

An interesting aspect is the tilting unit of the lower platen, which can rotate 75 degrees. The system uses a combination of cams and levers, driven by servomotor, and based on an innovative double desmodromic system. This ensures maximum precision and repetition of movements, as well as power calibration during both the movement and cutting phases.

The thermoforming machine shown at the K show had a mould with 22 cavities for a conical container with flat edge made of polypropylene.

Based in Stabio, WM Wrapping officially started the manufacture of its thermoforming machines in 1995. But the roots of WM goes much further back in time. In fact WM has operated in close conjunction with TFT Srl in Monza (Italy) since 1981.

To date, WM has supplied more than 900 machines to over 60 countries and more than 100 complete In-line plants.


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