Tomro sets up test centre in China

Tomro Sorting Recycling (TSR), a specialist in advanced sensor-based waste sorting solutions, will be opening its first test centre in Xiamen, China, this year.

"Our new Test Center in Xiamen gives us the capability to show our world-class sorting technology to a variety of potential customers in China," noted Jacob Rognhaug, Country Manager of TSR China. “Here, they can see first-hand how our machines and technologies can be flexibly adjusted, through a wide range of settings, to test their samples with multiple potential solutions until they find the optimal solution. In this way, customers learn directly, in a hands-on way, about the ability of our machines to adapt to a variety of operating environments."

The centre directly supports the complete sales process, including the testing of sample materials provided by the customer. For each sample, TSR will issue a test report, including the constituents of the sample, details of the test process, the test result and recommended solutions.

"TSR is absolutely committed to the China market and finding the solution that is right for the individual company. We're not just selling machines. We are a solutions company, meeting the challenges of hundreds of potential customers, all of whom have very different needs and priorities,” added Rognhaug. “Our new centre is going to be absolutely central to that process. We recommend that our clients share with us their specific requirements and priorities and then attend the centre in Xiamen for system testing. We can jointly discuss and analyse the solutions, in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the sorting process, and to enhance the value of the sorted fractions."

The test centre complements TSR's sales and service team in the region, which has been based in Xiamen since August, 2011. The company has now sold more than 50 machines in China, handling the installation process in each case.

The Norwegian firm provides sorting solutions for solid waste streams – including electronic waste, scrap metal, municipal solid waste (MSW), ELV waste and waste paper – and plastic recycling in China.


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