Kraiburg’s TPE sealing used for Bosch hammer drill

Thermoplastic elastomers specialist Kraiburg has developed a TPE sealing for Bosch’s hammer drill.

The Thermolast K sealing for the striking mechanism adheres directly to the body of the Bosch hammer drill, GBH 14.4V-LI. The soft and non-cross-linked TPE sealing replaces the rubber o-ring and is injected directly onto the body instead of being inserted. The sealing protects the striking mechanism against penetrating dirt and is intended to prevent the exit of grease.

For this application, Kraiburg optimised the compressive deformation properties of its Thermolast K compounds, which have also been used for the grip zones of some Bosch power tools.

For the unique process of the hammer drill body , a turntable mould injects the 4 mm high sealing lip, then surrounds it with the PA hard component and finally the grip zones: the Bosch logo is then affixed.

The sealing directly adheres to the PA and is therefore an inherent part of the body. This reduces the number of parts and makes one complete work step unnecessary. Moreover, less quality control is necessary as the sealing cannot get lost unnoticed in the further assembly process. Through the multi-component injection moulding process for the body including the sealing, Bosch reduces the assembly time and assembly costs whereas the quality even increases.


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