PTi targets Southeast Asia and India

US-based sheet extrusion machinery maker Processing Technologies International (PTi), has identified Southeast Asia and India as key growth markets for its machinery and named two representatives to serve its interests in those regions.

Kenda Technologies, based in Singapore, will serve as a sales agent for PTi’s broad range of sheet extrusion systems in Southeast Asia while Shruti International, based in Mumbai, India, will handle sales efforts in India. Both will sell PTi’s broad range of monolayer and co-extrusion barrier sheet line systems for the packaging industry.

With PTi machinery in 24 countries, the appointments are a key part of the company’s aggressive global growth strategy and expand its presence in those two critical growth markets.

Shruti International, led by owner Bharat Muchhala, represents US and European manufacturers and sells machinery and support equipment to Indian packaging companies.

Meanwhile, Kenda Technologies will sell PTi’s broad range of extrusion equipment in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The company, founded in 1978, specialises in the distribution and design of automation, testing and measurement, and custom instrumentation equipment. The company has also been heavily focused on the sheet extrusion business, particularly online gauging systems for the last 20 years. Kenda has branch offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


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