Dreamliner grounded

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has temporarily ground US firm Boeing's 787 Dreamliners after a Japan Airline plane made an emergency landing in Japan, which is the second incident involving lithium battery failure in the plane.

Meanwhile, the European Aviation Safety Agency said it was also endorsing the FAA's action and ordered Polish airline LOT, which flies the airplane, to ground its Dreamliner. The other airline firm that has the Dreamliner in Asia, Air India has also ground all six of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft that it owns.

Boeing said in a statement it was confident the 787 was safe and that it stood by the plane's integrity and that it is working around the clock with its customers and the various regulatory and investigative authorities. The building of the 787, which has a price tag of US$207 million, was plagued by cost overruns and years of delays, with some industry observers saying that Boeing rushed to finish it thus leading to problems, a charge that Boeing is denying.

The use of new battery technology is among the cost-saving features of the 787, which Boeing says uses 20% less fuel than other aircrafts that employ older technology.


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