Solvay unveils new highly dispersible silica for tyres

Solvay Silica, the inventor of Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS) and a key player in energy-saving tyres, introduces Efficium, an innovative reinforcing filler, which allows for higher productivityand greater flexibility in producing green passenger car and truck tyre compounds, at the Tire Technology Expo held 10-12 February in Cologne, Germany.

The breakthrough HDC, Efficium, offers breakthrough benefits for the automotive industry, allowing for increased productivity due to its impact on mixing and extrusion throughput and adding flexibility, due to its silanisation control and reformulation opportunities without compromising on rolling resistance, wear and grip. Efficium strongly facilitates the conversion from carbon black to HDS compounds.

According to Christian Léger, Global Business Director of Solvay’s Silica Global Business Unit, Efficium is offered to address the needs of tyre manufacturers for a more cost-competitive silica technology to differentiate their product offer with an innovative solution that also supports demanding energy efficient and safety requirements.

Efficium’s wider operating window is characterised by lower Mooney viscosity, lower temperature sensitivity, better dimensional stability during extrusion and extended storage life of uncured rubber. All of these advantages result in a more versatile product for a broader range of passenger car, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty truck applications.

”The benefits of Efficium have been analysed and confirmed at industrial scale under realistic conditions; both passenger car and heavy-truck were manufactured tyres then road tested with substantial results,” said Jean-Francis Spindler, Research & Innovation Director of Solvay Silica. “For truck tyre tread compounds, Efficium delivers significant productivity benefits of up to 30% in mixing and extrusion, while rolling resistance and wear meet and even exceed reference levels.”


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