Innovators of composite materials get recognition at JEC Europe

This year, 15 companies and their partners will receive an award on 11 March at the 2014 JEC Europe Composites Show and Conferences, for their composites innovations. The winners, which utilised various raw materials into their designs and applications were selected from the following categories:

DESIGN- Hutchinson (France) , Composite Semi structural Cockpit Module for ATA 25

SIMULATION -University of Twente (Netherlands), Braiding simulation and optimisation

PROCESS - Fraunhofer IPT (Germany) , New multifunctional placement-head for processing of dry fibres and tapes with thermoplastic or thermoset matrix

AERONAUTICS- University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Institute for Material Science and Plastics Processing (Switzerland) , Development of a composite annulus filler for Rolls-Royce jet engines

AIRCRAFT INTERIORS - Expliseat (France), The Titanium Seat

CONSUMER GOODS - Owens Corning (France) , New reinforced thermoplastic composite for washing machine tubs

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS- Motorola Mobility (USA) : All-Thermoplastic composite back smartphone covers

MEDICAL- Groupe Médical Gaumond (Canada), Transportable hyperbaric chamber

PRESSURE VESSELS- Maruhachi Co., LTD. (Japan) , Ultra-durable CFRP high-pressure hydrogen fuel storage tank

AUTOMOTIVE- Porsche Germany) : 918 Spyder: Innovative material and manufacturing approach for a multi-part aerodynamic underbody

OIL & GAS- Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia), Petronas (Malaysia), Novel Composite Clamps for Pipeline Repairs

WIND ENERGY -Saertex GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) : New production process, Mapretec technique

SUSTAINABILITY -DSM Composite Resins AG (Switzerland), New composite system for wind turbine blades

RAILWAYS- ApATeCh-Applied Advanced Technology Company LTD (Russia), Composite hopper car body produced by vacuum infusion

MARINE - North Thin Ply Technology (Switzerland), World’s Thinnest UD-Prepreg and associated handling and design tools

The annual JEC Europe Composite show is going to be held 11 to 13 March in Paris, France.


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